(WHM >> Home >> Account Information >> List Accounts)


The List Accounts interface displays your server's accounts and allows you to perform certain actions on them.

Account information

If your hosting provider enables the Create Accounts privilege in WHM's Edit Reseller Nameservers and Privileges interface (WHM >> Home >> Resellers >> Edit Reseller Nameservers and Privileges), this interface will display a link to WHM's Create a New Account  interface (WHM >> Home >> Account Functions >> Create a New Account).

The list of accounts displays detailed information about each account on your server, and allows you to perform certain actions on each account.


When you use any of these actions to navigate to another WHM interface, WHM automatically selects the correct account.

When you expand the information for an account, you can perform the following actions:

Download records

When you click Download these records to a CSV file, WHM opens a new browser tab that displays the information from the List Accounts table as a comma-separated list. You can then copy and paste this information into a text document. If you wish to use the file in Microsoft® Excel® or another spreadsheet program, save it as a .csv file.

This .csv file lists all accounts, up to the first 999,999,999 accounts.

Additional documentation