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(Dashboard >> Licenses >> Search for a License)


This interface allows you to search the licenses in your account. By default, the search results include both active and expired licenses.

Search for a license

To search your licenses, perform the following steps:

  1. Select one of the following search types:
    • Email — The email address that the server administrator entered in WHM's Basic WebHost Manager Setup interface (WHM >> Home >> Server Configuration >> Basic WebHost Manager Setup).
    • Ipregrex (slow) — A regular expression that represents a portion of the IP address.
    • Ip — (default) The license's IP address.
    • Hostname — The license's hostname.
    • Hostnamepartial (slow) — A regular expression that represents a portion of the license's hostname.
  2. Select whether you wish to search for active or expired licenses.
  3. Enter any search criteria in the Search String text box.
  4. Click Find.

To clear the search criteria, click Reset.

License History

The License History section groups your search results by IP address and displays the number of licenses in each group.


If you previously licensed an IP address, the interface may list multiple entries for a single IP address. For example, if you renewed a license for an IP address several times, the interface will list an entry for each renewal.

You can perform the following actions for each license in the License History section:

  • Click Expire to expire an active license.
  • Click View/Modify to view or modify license information.

To modify a license's group, click Edit this group/Reset Group Password at the bottom of a group of search results.