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The features that appear in your Manage2 Dashboard interface correspond with your administrator level.

  • Higher numbers correlate with greater access privileges and more available features.
  • This value defaults to 0 for your primary account and defaults to -10 for all additional accounts.

For information about Manage2 admin levels, read our Manage Users documentation.



API Authorization Keys

The API Authorization Keys interface displays a list of the Manage2 API's authorization keys.


Manage Ip Access

The Manage Ip Access interface displays the list of IP addresses that can access your Manage2 account. To remove an IP address from the list, click Remove next to the IP address that you wish to remove.


Wire Transfer & Check Payment Information

The Wire Transfer & Check Payment interface displays cPanel, L.L.C.'s banking details. Use this information to complete your orders with wire transfer or check payments.


You must remit payment in US Dollars (USD). cPanel, L.L.C. is not responsible for any associated transaction fees.


View Contracts and Agreements

The View Contracts and Agreements interface allows you to download contracts and agreements that your company made with cPanel, L.L.C.

To download a document, click its name in the interface.


Download an active license spreadsheet

The Download an active license spreadsheet interface allows you to download a .csv file that contains a list of your licenses' detailed information. To download the .csv file, click the filename (for example, 512-1379093721.csv).

List Yearly Licenses

The List Yearly License interface displays a list of accounts that maintain annually-renewable cPanel licenses. To make changes to a license, click that license's Edit link.

Review Pending Transfers

The Review Pending Transfers interface allows you to view any currently-unapproved cPanel license transfers.




View Yearly License Renewal Options

This option allows you to view and renew yearly license options for each group that appears in the Add License interface.

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