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EasyApache 4 does not use versioning and organizes changes by date only.


cPanel & WHM does not guarantee the functionality of software in the Experimental Repository, and we provide it on an experimental basis only. You assume all risk for any software that you install from the Experimental Repository. Installation of this software could cause significant functionality failures, even for experienced administrators.


  • ea-nginx
    • EA-8415: Update ea-nginx from v1.15.9 to v1.16.0
    • ZC-5151: Add cgi/shtml location to nginx and proxy to apache
    • ZC-5014: nginx basic auth
  • ea-memcached
    • EA-8224 - Fix/test/get updated all memcache packages
      • ea-php54-php-memcache
      • ea-php54-php-memcached
      • ea-php55-php-memcache
      • ea-php55-php-memcached
      • ea-php56-php-memcache
      • ea-php56-php-memcached
      • ea-php70-php-memcache
      • ea-php70-php-memcached
      • ea-php71-php-memcache
      • ea-php71-php-memcached
      • ea-php72-php-memcache
      • ea-php72-php-memcached
      • ea-php73-php-memcache
      • ea-php73-php-memcached
    • Updated ea-memcached to 1.5.16
    • Updated spec file from upstream and install files under /opt/cpanel/libmemcached.
    • Move into the ea- namespace to avoid conflicts with base repos


  • ea-apache24-mod_pagespeed
    • EA-8095: mod_version tries to load twice when you install pagespeed
  • ea-memcached
    • CPANEL-26786: Calender and contacts server (CCS) cannot be installed if ea-memcached exists. 
  • ea-nginx
    • EA-8315: Initial release of Nginx
  • libmemcached
    • EA-8032: Move libmemcached to the ea-libmemcached namespace.


  • ea-apache24-mod_wsgi
    • EA-7997: Update to current version 4.6.5
  • ea-memcached
    • EA-7981: update to version 1.5.12