cPanel & WHM no longer develops or updates EasyApache 3. We deprecated EasyApache 3 on December 31, 2018. We removed support for EasyApache 3 in cPanel & WHM version 78.
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Use the following options to add functionality to your PHP installation. They are available in WHM's EasyApache 3 interface (Home >> Software >> EasyApache 3).


The interface automatically hides any options that are not compatible with your PHP version.

Third-party options

You can install the most common third-party PHP applications and third-party extensions in the Short Options List stage of WHM's EasyApache 3 interface.

Opcode cachers

An opcode cacher improves the efficiency of your PHP applications. The following options install an opcode cacher on your web server:

Opcode cacherPHP version

Profile name




  • Opcode caching programs, such as XCache, eAccelerator, and OPCache, are not compatible with the suPHP PHP handler. The caching program will either not function, or will function incorrectly.
  • The system does not automatically configure XCache. You must manually configure XCache after installation.
  • The system does not automatically configure OPCache. You must manually configure OPCache after installation.
  • The OPCache extension is not compatible with xCache. If you enable xCache, EasyApache disables OPCache. 
  • We strongly recommend the DSO or fcgi PHP handlers for the OPCache opcode cacher.
  • Do not install multiple PHP caching programs on the same system. Multiple opcode caching programs consume excessive memory and degrade system performance.

Featured documentation

  EasyApache 3


Change Log Release Notes  



Migrate from Tomcat 5.5 to 7

How to Deploy Java Applications


EasyApache 3 does not support new installations of Tomcat.

As of cPanel & WHM version 76, EasyApache 4 now supports Tomcat 8.5. For more information, read our Tomcat documentation.

PHP loaders, or encoders

A PHP loader allows a PHP encoder application to work with your PHP scripts. A PHP encoder application encodes your PHP scripts so that others cannot access your code. You can use one of the following options to install a PHP loader on your web server: 

PHP encoderPHP versionProfile name
SourceGuardian LoaderSourceGuardianDocs
IonCube Loader 4IonCubeLoaderDocs
IonCube Loader 5IonCube5Docs
Zend Guard LoaderZendoptDocs


  • Use IonCube Loader 5 at your own risk. Check the IonCube news page and report any unexpected behavior to IonCube.
  • You can only use one version of IonCube.


The Apache information page incorrectly shows Zend Guard Loader as version 3.3. Your version of PHP determines the version of Zend Guard Loader that the system actually uses.

  • If you use PHP versions 5.5 or 5.6, EasyApache uses Zend Guard Loader version 7.0.
  • If you use PHP version 5.4, EasyApache uses Zend Guard Loader version 6.0.
  • If you use PHP version 5.3, EasyApache uses Zend Guard Loader version 5.5.


The Suhosin patch improves the security of your PHP installation.


  • If you use PHP 5.4 or above, EasyApache uses Suhosin 0.9.38.
  • If you use PHP 5.3, EasyApache uses Suhosin 0.9.33.

PHP extensions

PHP provides many built-in extensions that allow you to add functionality to your PHP applications or your web server. Select the PHP extensions that you wish to use in the Exhaustive Options List stage of WHM's EasyApache 3 interface.

Available PHP extensions



Modules marked with (default) load in the Basic profile by default.

Module namePHP versionProfile name
bcmath BcmathDocs(default) Arbitrary precision mathematics
bz2 Bz2DocsRead and write bzip2 (.bz2) compressed files.
calendar CalendarDocs(default) Calendar date manipulation
curl CurlDocsSupport for Curl (http, https, ftp, telnet, etc)
curlssl CurlSSLDocs(default) Add Curl support with SSL
curlwrappers CurlwrappersDocsAdd Curl support (wrapper)
enchant EnchantDocsSpell check
exif ExifDocsParse image metadata
expat ExpatDocsXML parser
fileinfo FileInfoDocsContent/Encoding detection
ftp FTPDocs(default) FTP (File Transfer Protocol) support
gd GDDocs(default) Image functions (GIF, JPG, PNG)
gettext GettextDocsNative language support API
iconv IconvDocs(default) Character set conversion
imap ImapDocs(default) Mail functions (SMTP, POP3, IMAP)
intl IntlDocsInternationalization support
mm MMDocsShared memory allocation
magic quotes MagicQuotesDocs(default) Enable Magic Quotes
mailheaders MailHeadersDocs(default) Adds script name to PHP mail header
mbregex MbregexDocsDisable mbregex support
mbstring MbstringDocsEnhanced Chinese, Japanese, and other language support
mcrypt McryptDocs(default) Encryption support
mysql MysqlDocs(default) MySQL database access
mysql of the system MysqlOfSystemDocs(default) MySQL database access
mysqli MysqliDocsMySQL improved database access
opcache OpcacheDocsOPCache opcode cacher
openssl OpensslDocs(default) OpenSSL library interface
pdo PDODocs(default) PDO database support
pdo mysql PDOMySQLDocs(default) PDO MySQL support
posix POSIXDocsExtended POSIX support
pear PearDocs(default) Disable Pear
pgsql PgsqlDocsPostgreSQL DB support
phar PharDocs(default) Disable Phar
pspell PspellDocsSpell check
safemode SafeModeDocsEnable safe mode
safe php cgi SafePHPCGIDocsRestrict php.ini
silence deprecated patch SilenceDeprecatedPatchDocsDisable warnings for deprecated features
snmp SNMPDocsSNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) support
soap SOAPDocs(default) SOAP server and client support
sockets SocketsDocs(default) Raw socket support
sqlite3 SQLite3Docs(default) SQLite version 3 database support
system timezone SysTimezoneDocsUse system timezone
tidy TidyDocsTidy HTML formatter
ttf TTFDocs(default) GD: True type font support
wddx WddxDocsWDDX support
xsl XslSablotDocsXSL support
xmlrpc XmlRPCDocsXMLRPC client and server support
zend multibyte ZendMultibyteDocsEnable Multibyte support
zip ZipDocsRead and write zip archives
zlib ZlibDocs(default) Read and write gzip archives

Additional information

To keep track of the latest PHP news and issues, use the following third-party resources:

Mailing Lists

A complete list is available here.
List nameSubscribePostArchiveDescription
Announce Subscriben/aArchiveRead only: Release announcements
Bugs Subscriben/aArchiveRead only: Bug report archive
CVS Subscriben/aArchiveRead only: CVS (source) commits
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