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  • cPanel API 1 Functions - BoxTrapper::showqueue
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This function generates a list of messages in the BoxTrapper queue.


cPanel API 1 is deprecated. Do not use this function. Instead, we strongly recommend that you use the following newer functions:


In cPanel & WHM version 76 and later, when you disable the MailReceive role, the system disables this function. For more information, read our How to Use Server Profiles documentation.


 LiveAPI PHP Class
$cpanel = new CPANEL(); // Connect to cPanel - only do this once.
$list_boxtrapper_queue = $cpanel->api1('BoxTrapper', 'showqueue', array('1410277881', 'user@example.com', 'showmsg.html', '', '0') ); // Call the function.


For more information, read our Guide to the LiveAPI System.

 LiveAPI Perl Module
my $cpliveapi = Cpanel::LiveAPI->new(); # Connect to cPanel - only do this once.
my $list_boxtrapper_queue = $cpliveapi->api1('BoxTrapper', 'showqueue', ['1410277881', 'user@example.com', 'showmsg.html', '', '0'] ); # Call the function.


For more information, read our Guide to the LiveAPI System.

 cPanel Tag System (deprecated)


In cPanel & WHM version 11.30 and later, cPanel tags are deprecated. We provide this example to help developers move from the old cPanel tag system to our LiveAPI system. We strongly recommend that you only use the LiveAPI system to call the cPanel APIs.

<cpanel Module="BoxTrapper::showqueue( $FORM('logdate','account','showfile','bxaction','skipcontrols') )">
 Command Line
cpapi1 --user=username BoxTrapper showqueue 1410277881 user@example.com showmsg.html '' 0


  • You must URI-encode these values.
  • username represents your account-level username.
  • For more information and additional output options, read our Guide to cPanel API 1 documentation or run the cpapi1 --help command.
  • If you run CloudLinux™, you must use the full path of the cpapi1 command:


 Output (HTML)
<input type="hidden" name="account" value="test@example.com">
<input type="hidden" name="bxaction" value="multimsgaction">
<tr class="tdshade1">
<td width="5%"><input type="checkbox" name="msgid0" value="qM3nKcgdNWKJQoJmzYxHtUfCHJYMMLki.msg"></td>
<td class="truncate" truncate="25" width="15%"><a href="showmsg.html?account=test@example.com&q=qM3nKcgdNWKJQoJmzYxHtUfCHJYMMLki.msg&bxaction=">test@cpanel.net</a></td>
<td class="truncate" truncate="75"><a href="showmsg.html?account=test@example.com&q=qM3nKcgdNWKJQoJmzYxHtUfCHJYMMLki.msg&bxaction=">Subject</a></td>
<td width="15%"><a href="showmsg.html?account=test@example.com&q=qM3nKcgdNWKJQoJmzYxHtUfCHJYMMLki.msg&bxaction=">02/19 20:40:05</a></td>
<tr class="tdshade2">
<td width="5%"><input type="checkbox" name="msgid1" value="TnOFsIHUb3EX19Wcqlc1DwAEqwSxaIUL.msg"></td>
<td class="truncate" truncate="25" width="15%"><a href="showmsg.html?account=test@example.com&q=TnOFsIHUb3EX19Wcqlc1DwAEqwSxaIUL.msg&bxaction=">test@cpanel.net</a></td>
<td class="truncate" truncate="75"><a href="showmsg.html?account=test@example.com&q=TnOFsIHUb3EX19Wcqlc1DwAEqwSxaIUL.msg&bxaction=">Subject</a></td>
<td width="15%"><a href="showmsg.html?account=test@example.com&q=TnOFsIHUb3EX19Wcqlc1DwAEqwSxaIUL.msg&bxaction=">02/19 20:40:14</a></td>


ParameterTypeDescriptionPossible valuesExample
logdatestringThe date to view.

This parameter defaults to the current time.

Any valid time, in Unix time format.


The account's email address.

A valid email address on the server.user@example.com


The file to process requests to view emails.



If you specify another file, the HTML output may contain broken links. 



The system does not use this parameter, and will ignore the value.

A placeholder value.''


Whether the function skips multi-message functions when it prints.

  • 0 — Print multi-message functions.
  • 1 — Skip multi-message functions.


This function returns HTML to generate a table that lists the account's queued messages.

  • The table sorts messages by date.
  • The table contains a checkbox, the message's sender, the message subject, and the date for each message.