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  • cPanel API 1 - Deprecated cPanel Tag Usage
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The deprecated cPanel tag system used the <cpanel > HTML tag to call cPanel API 1.


cPanel API 1 is deprecated. We strongly recommend that you use cPanel API 2 or UAPI instead. 


In cPanel & WHM version 11.30 and later, cPanel tags are deprecated. We provide this example to help developers move from the old cPanel tag system to our LiveAPI system. We strongly recommend that you only use the LiveAPI system to call the cPanel APIs.

Basic usage

To call cPanel API 1 with the cPanel tag system, use the following format:

<cpanel Module="function('parameter','parameter','parameter')">

This example uses the following variables:

VariableDescriptionPossible valuesExample
ModuleThe function's module.Any cPanel API 1 module.Email
functionThe function name.Any cPanel API 1 function in the specified module.addpop

The input parameter values to pass to the function.


cPanel API 1 functions are case-sensitive and use ordered parameters. You must list parameters in the order in which they appear. 

See the desired function's documentation.


For example, the following cPanel tag code calls the  Email::addpop function:

<cpanel Email="addpop('','user','12345luggage','100')">

The $FORM variable: Pass POST and GET data

To pass POST and GET data in cPanel tags, use the $FORM variable. This variable is a hash that the cpsrvd daemon parses. It contains all of the POST and GET data that the system passes to a particular interface in cPanel.

For example, you might call a page with the following POST and GET parameters:


Pass this information to cPanel API 1 in the following manner:

<cpanel Email="addpop($FORM{'domain','username','pass','quota'})">