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You can use additional variables to paginate WHM API 1 output.


  • You can test WHM API 1 functions in WHM's API Shell interface (Home >> Development >> API Shell). Click Show Sort/Filter/Paginate Options to display the additional text boxes.
  • We strongly recommend that you use pagination for Mail Delivery Report (MDR) functions.

Paginate output

WHM API 1 pagination uses four basic variables:

VariableTypeDescriptionPossible values
api.chunk.enableBooleanWhether to enable pagination.
  • 1 — Enable pagination.
  • 0 — Disable pagination.
api.chunk.sizeintegerThe number of records to display in a single page.

An integer value that represents a number of records.

For example, to display ten records on a page, pass in an api.chunk.size value of 10.


The first record to display.

An integer value that represents a number of records.

For example, to begin the page's list of records with the fifth record, pass in an api.chunk.start value of 5.


This variable is 1-indexed rather than 0-indexed. For example, to start with the first record, specify a value of 1 rather than a value of 0


The following example function calls execute the listaccts function, begin output at the third record, and display five records in total on the page:



cPanel & WHM version 66 deprecated XML output.

whmapi1 listaccts api.chunk.enable=1 api.chunk.size=5 api.chunk.start=3