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  • WHM API 0 Functions - exim_configuration_check
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This function scans the Exim configuration file for errors, and, if it finds any, attempts to repair them.


 Command Line
whmapi0 exim_configuration_check


  • You must URI-encode values.
  • For more information and additional output options, read our Guide to WHM API 0 documentation or run the whmapi0 --help command.
  • If you run CloudLinux™, you must use the full path of the whmapi0 command:


 Output (JSON)
   "message" : null,
   "status" : 1,
   "statusmsg" : "Configuration OK"
 Output (XML)
    <statusmsg>Configuration OK</statusmsg>



This function does not accept parameters. 


ReturnTypeDescriptionPossible valuesExample

A hash of the configuration return information.

This hash includes the message, status, and statusmsg returns. 



The reason why the configuration check failed.


The function only returns this parameter if the configuration file contains errors.

The function returns this value in the exim_configuration_check hash.

A valid string.
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             cPanel was unable to automatically merge your Exim configuration with the new settings that shipped with the build you have installed (11.38.0 (build 9999)) because you have a custom or broken configuration which cannot be automatically configured. Since this configuration update is not critical, we left your previous configuration intact until the new configuration can be properly installed. In order to complete this configuration update, you will need to manually merge your configuration with the new configuration settings. Please follow the steps below to complete this update: 1. <a href="javascript:select_exim_backup();">Backup your existing configuration</a> 2. <a href="javascript:select_exim_advanced();">Notate any custom changes you have made in the ACL section in the 'Advanced Editor Tab'.</a> 3. <a href="javascript:select_exim_reset();">Choose 'Reset cPanel &amp; WHM Exim configuration files, one option at a time, until the installed Exim configuration is valid' under the 'Reset Tab'.</a> 4. <a href="javascript:select_exim_advanced();">Reinstall your customizations in the 'Advanced Editor Tab'.</a> Current Config Version: 10.320000 New Config Version: 10.330000
         <reason>Configuration Update Failed</reason>



An Exim configuration file status message.

The function returns this value in the exim_configuration_check hash.

A valid string.
Configuration OK



Whether the function failed.

The function returns this value in the exim_configuration_check hash.

  • 1 — Success.
  • 0 — Failure.