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The system uses several WHM API 1 functions during the transfer and restore process.

This guide explains the relationship between these API functions and the order in which to call them.


  • Do not shut down or restart any processes on either server during the transfer and restoration process.
  • Do not start a transfer during a system update (upcp) or start a system update during a transfer. The system update will fail.
  • To transfer accounts, you must obtain the following:

    • SSH access to the remote server.
    • root-level privileges with the su or sudo commands.

Transfer and restore process

We recommend the following workflow during the transfer and restore process:

  1. Plan the transfer session — The planning process sets up the transfer session.
  2. Create the transfer session —  The creation process creates the transfer session.
  3. Check the transfer session —  A transfer session check ensures that you can create a system account on the remote server.
  4. Queue the transfer item —  When you queue the transfer item, you add a package or account (transfer item) to the transfer list.
  5. Start the transfer session — The start process begins the transfer session.
  6. Monitor the transfer session — When you monitor the transfer session, you check the status of the transfer session.

You can pause and restart an active transfer session throughout the transfer process.