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This document explains a Subaccount user's experience when you request that they set their initial password.

New Subaccount invitations

In the Add User section of cPanel's  User Manager interface (cPanel >> Home >> Preferences >> User Manager), you can prompt the Subaccount user to set their initial password. When you select that option, the following details the user's experience:


To start the process, create a new Subaccount and select the The user will set the account password. option.

  1. The Subaccount user will receive a welcome email.

    Sample Email
    From: cPanel for example on <>
    Subject: [] Welcome to your new account:
    Welcome to!
    Your new account username is€.
    Note: Before you can use your new account, you must set your password at the following URL:
    The system generated this notice on Thursday, Aug 29, 1997 at 6:14:44 AM UTC.
    Do not reply to this automated message.
  2. The user will click on the provided URL.

  3. The cPanel interface will prompt the user to set a password.

  4. They will enter and confirm the new password in the appropriate text boxes and click Set Password.
  5. The system will confirm that the user set their password and list the Subaccount's active services.

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