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This document describes the resolutions for the two most common issues with the Horde data conversion from MySQL® to SQLite. 


To use the information in this article, you must obtain root user privileges and access to the server's command line.

Horde database backup already exists


If the MySQL Horde database backup already exists, you will see the following log entry:

The system cannot backup pre-11.50 MySQL Horde database. 
A backup of the database already exists: /var/cpanel/horde/ 
You must move the existing backup database, use the --force-backup option to overwrite 
the current backup, or use the --no-backup option to skip the backup.

To determine the steps to resolve this problem, verify the integrity of the backup. Run the following command to determine whether the backup is valid:

awk '/cPanel dump:/{d++}END{printf("%s backup\n",d==2?"good":"bad")}' /var/cpanel/horde/


Alternatively, manually inspect the /var/cpanel/horde/ file.

  • After you validate the backup file, run the /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/horde_mysqltosqlite script with the --no-backup option.
  • If you cannot validate the integrity of the backup file, move the backup file and run the /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/horde_mysqltosqlite script. Your command to move the backup file will resemble the following example:

    mv -v /var/cpanel/horde/{,.bak`date +%s`}

MySQL Horde database schema fixer failed


If the Horde database schema fixer fails, you will see the following log entry:

### BEGIN ERROR: Failed the next statement with error: 

If you receive this log entry, the conversion script could not verify and repair the schema of the MySQL Horde database.

To complete the conversion process without the schema repair, run the /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/horde_mysqltosqlite script with the --no-fix-schema option.

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