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The Feedback interface in the cPanel Customer Portal allows our customers to provide feedback and suggestions for their resolved tickets.


The email notification that you receive for each closed ticket includes a direct link to provide feedback for that ticket. If you use that link, proceed to Step 3. 

Provide feedback for a ticket

Navigate to your list of tickets.

To access the list of tickets, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to the cPanel Customer Portal. The Dashboard interface will appear.
  2. In the Tasks menu in the interface's left column, click Show Open / Closed Requests. The Requests interface will appear.

The Dashboard interface in the cPanel Customer Portal.



Select the desired ticket.

To select the desired ticket and access the Feedback interface for it, perform the following steps:

  1. In the Closed requests from the last 180 days list, use the ID column to locate the desired ticket.
  2. Click Leave Feedback in the Actions column for the desired ticket. The Feedback interface will appear.

The Feedback interface displays details for the selected cPanel Support ticket. This includes the following data:

  • The ticket identification number.
  • The ticket's creation and completion dates.
  • The total duration from the ticket's creation date to its completion date.
  • A summary of the total number of responses received from the specific cPanel, L.L.C.  employee, the average response time, and the total interaction time.

The Closed requests from the last 180 days table.


An example of ticket details in the Feedback interface.



Provide feedback ratings.

The rating options provide feedback about each Technical Support Analyst who responded to your ticket. Click the rating that you wish to give to the Technical Support Analyst.

  • You may give Positive (thumbs up), Negative (thumbs down), or Neutral feedback. The option defaults to Neutral.
  • The rating options are employee-specific. The rating should reflect that individual employee's performance and how they addressed your issue.
  • Tickets that involved multiple Technical Support Analysts will display separate rating options for each employee.

The available rating options.



Provide additional feedback.

You can also provide the following additional feedback and suggestions:

  • In the How well did this employee handle this request? text box, enter feedback about your experience with the specific Technical Support Analyst.
  • In the How could your experience be better in the future? text box, enter your recommendations for improvements to cPanel, L.L.C.'s processes and procedures.



Submit your feedback.

To send your feedback to cPanel, L.L.C., click Submit Feedback.


To allow cPanel, L.L.C. to use your feedback, select the optional I approve cPanel, L.L.C. to list my feedback on or use for other purposes without limitation.  checkbox.



Submit revised feedback.

After you submit your initial feedback for a ticket, you can revise your rating selection once without the need to open a new ticket. This feedback will supersede your original ratings.

To revise your feedback, perform the steps in this tutorial again for that ticket.


After you resubmit your ratings, you cannot revise them again.

An already-revised ticket in the Closed requests from the last 180 days list.

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