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  • PHP open_basedir Tweak
For cPanel & WHM version 76

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(WHM >> Home >> Security Center >> PHP open_basedir Tweak)



This interface is only available if your system runs EasyApache 3.

The open_basedir tweak limits the user's ability to browse the file system with PHP. It prevents PHP's access to the user's home directory, the /tmp directory, and some necessary PHP system directories. This helps to protect your system from unauthorized access through PHP.


This security tweak modifies the Apache configuration file, regardless of the PHP handler that you select.

  • Apache only uses configuration file PHP directives if you select the DSO handler.

  • If you configure PHP to run as a CGI, suPHP, or FastCGI process, you must manually specify the open_basedir directive in the appropriate php.ini file. Each user requires their own php.ini files when you select a PHP handler that is not DSO. 

Enable the open_basedir tweak

To enable the open_basedir tweak, perform the following steps:

  1. Select the Enable php open_basedir Protection checkbox.
  2. Select the checkboxes that correspond to the domains that you wish to exclude.
  3. Click Save.

open_basedir directives

When you enable the open_basedir tweak, the system adds PHP directives to each Virtual Host in the httpd.conf file.

These directives limit users' PHP access to the following directories:


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