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  • Installation Guide - cPanel DNSONLY Installation
For cPanel & WHM version 70

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This document describes how to install cPanel DNSONLY on your server. For more information about the cPanel DNSONLY product, read our cPanel DNSONLY documentation.


  • To use cPanel DNSONLY, your server must allow traffic on the following ports: 53, 953, and 2087.
    • If you wish to allow the DNSONLY server to send email notifications, you must also open port 25.
  • After you create a cPanel DNSONLY server, add it to a DNS cluster in WHM's DNS Cluster interface (Home >> Clusters >> DNS Cluster). 

Install cPanel DNSONLY

To install cPanel DNSONLY, perform the following steps:

  1. To open the /home directory, run the following command:

    cd /home
  2. To fetch the latest installation files from cPanel's servers, run the following command:

    curl -o latest-dnsonly -L
  3. To open and execute the installation files, run the following command:

    sh latest-dnsonly


    cPanel, Inc. does not offer free cPanel-signed hostname certificates for cPanel DNSONLY servers.

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