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  • Initial Setup Assistant - Set Up Networking
For cPanel & WHM version 70

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Set Up Networking

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Set Up Networking

This interface allows you to set up your server's networking information.

Contact Information

To set up the contact information for this server, perform the following steps:

  1. In the Server Contact Email Address text box, enter the email address at which you wish to receive notifications about this server (for example,
  2. If you wish to receive email news updates from cPanel, select the Subscribe to the cPanel, Inc. mailing list checkbox.
  3. If you wish to receive notifications as text messages, enter your cell phone or pager email address in the Server Contact SMS Address text box (for example, or
  4. If you wish to receive notifications as ICQ messages, select the Server Contact ICQ Number checkbox.

     Click here to view the additional ICQ contact settings...

    The following text boxes will appear:

    • In the Server Contact ICQ Number text box, enter your ICQ number.
      • If you do not own an ICQ number, click Get a new ICQ number to create an ICQ account.
      • If you wish your server to send notifications to multiple ICQ accounts, enter the numbers as a comma-separated list (for example, 12345678,12345679).
    • In the ICQ Number to Send Alerts From text box, enter the ICQ number that your server will use to send messages


      Do not use the same ICQ account that you entered in the Server Contact ICQ Number text box. 

    • In the ICQ Password text box, enter the password for your server's ICQ account.


To change your server's hostname, enter the new name in the Server Hostname text box.


  • You must enter a fully qualified domain name (FQDN). FQDNs specify an exact location, from the top level user domain to the root domain, when you read them from right to left.
    • This hostname must use the subdomain.domain.extension format. For example, for the server account on the domain, enter as the hostname.
    • cPanel & WHM's installation process requires that your server already possesses a valid hostname.
  • Do not choose a hostname that begins with www, a number, or that ends with a hyphen (-).
  • Do not choose a hostname that a cPanel account on your server will use.

  • Do not choose a potential proxy subdomain as a hostname (for example, or


If you update your hostname, the system blocks user access to the following interfaces and services:

  • Horde Webmail
  • Calendars and Contacts (CalDAV and CardDAV)

The system restores access to these interfaces and services after the hostname update finishes. For more information, read our Interface Lock Scripts documentation.




You must choose reliable resolvers. Unreliable nameservers will severely degrade your server's performance.

Resolvers initiate DNS queries, which allow your server to find and convert human-readable domain names to machine-readable IP addresses. You must configure resolvers for the server in order for it to work correctly. You can obtain resolver IP addresses from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Your server requires at least two resolver IP addresses. You can also add an optional third address.


While cPanel & WHM does not require a third resolver IP address, we recommend that you use a third resolver IP address. An additional resolver helps to ensure your server's uptime if you experience problems with either of your other resolvers.

To configure your resolvers, perform the following steps:

  1. Enter the desired IPv4 or IPv6 addresses in the Primary Resolver and Secondary Resolver text boxes.

  2. To configure a third resolver, enter that IP address in the Tertiary Resolver text box.

Main Network or Ethernet Device

If this server does not use the primary network or Ethernet device, which most servers generally label as eth0, you must indicate which network or Ethernet device the server will use.


Network or Ethernet devices that possess a colon in their names (for example, venet0:0 ) represent virtual interfaces. The server cannot bind IP addresses if you choose a virtual interface as the main network or Ethernet device.

Save and continue

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