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  • IPv6 Ranges
For cPanel & WHM version 70

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(WHM >> Home >> IP Functions >> IPv6 Ranges)


This interface adds or deletes an IPv6 address range from the server. Use this interface to add at least one IPv6 address range before you assign dedicated IPv6 addresses to a user in WHM's Assign IPv6 Address interface (WHM >> Home  >> IP Functions >> Assign IPv6 Address).


An IPv6 address range cannot contain a server's shared IP address. The system will not allow you to set a shared IP address that exists within any configured IPv6 address range.


  • Before you use this interface, you must ensure that IPv6 functions properly on your server. 
    • For IPv6 to function on a cPanel & WHM server, the cpsrvd daemon must listen on IPv6 addresses. To enable this functionality, select On for the Listen on IPv6 Addresses setting in the System section of WHM's Tweak Settings interface (WHM >> Home >> Server Configuration >> Tweak Settings).
    • Use the steps in our Guide to IPv6 documentation to check whether IPv6 functions properly.
  • Your hosting provider may require that you reserve IPv6 address ranges for their use.

Add Range

To add a range of IPv6 addresses, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Add Range.
  2. Enter a name for the IPv6 address range in the Range Name text box.


    This name must contain 64 characters or fewer.

  3. Enter the IPv6 address range in the Range text box. IPv6 address ranges consist of a shortened IPv6 address, a slash ( / ), and a number that indicates the network portion of the IPv6 address range. For example:



    • Do not add an IPv6 address range that contains the main shared IPv6 address that you set in WHM's Basic WebHost Manager Setup interface (WHM >> Home  >> Server Configuration >> Basic WebHost Manager® Setup).
    • You must add your gateway individually before you add the full gateway range and set the gateway to RESERVED so that the system does not assign this IP address to an account. For example:

      2001:0db8:1a34:56cf::/128 RESERVED
      2001:0db8:1a34:56cf::1/128 RESERVED
  4. Select one of the following range types from the Range Type menu:
    • Available — You can distribute the addresses in this range to the users on your server.
    • Reserved — You cannot distribute the addresses in this range to the users on your server.


      If you select Reserved, WHM's Assign IPv6 Address interface (WHM >> Home >> IP Functions >> Assign IPv6 Address) will not list the range.

  5. Enter a description of the IPv6 address range in the Range Notes text box.


    This description must contain 256 characters or fewer.

  6. Click Add Range to add the IPv6 address range, or click Cancel to close the form.

IPv6 Address Ranges table

The IPv6 Address Ranges table lists information about each IPv6 address range on the server.

IP Range Details

This column lists the following information for each IPv6 address range on the server:

  • The range name.
  • The address range.
  • The range notes.
  • RESERVED, if you selected Reserved as the address range's type.


To delete an IPv6 address range, click Delete Range for that range in the IPv6 Address Ranges table, and then click OK.


You cannot delete a range that currently belongs to a user on your server. To remove an IPv6 address range from an account, use WHM's Assign IPv6 Address interface (WHM >> Home >> IP Functions >> Assign IPv6 Address).

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