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For cPanel & WHM version 66


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Set Up Quotas



Set Up Quotas

This section allows you to select whether you wish to track disk usage on your server.


  • Servers that use the XFS® filesystem and run CentOS 7, CloudLinux™ 7, or Red Hat® Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7 require additional actions for quotas to function properly:
    • WHM Interface — After you enable quotas in WHM's Initial Setup Assistant interface and the system performs the necessary configuration changes, a button appears in the top right corner of the WHM interface. You must click this button to reboot the system. After the system reboots, a quota scan runs in the background to complete the process.
    • Command Line — Run the /scripts/fixquotas script and then reboot the server.
    • Manually via the Command Line — For instructions on how to perform the /scripts/fixquotas script's actions manually, the Red Hat XFS  and XFS Quota Management  documentation.
    If you have enabled Quota System Administration notifications, the system sends notifications when it is ready to reboot and when the quota scan finishes and quotas are functional.
  • CloudLinux 7 updates may break quotas. For this reason, after each CloudLinux 7 update, you must run the /scripts/fixquotas script and then reboot the server.


Use quotas if you plan to lease server space to individual users. If you do not plan to host individual accounts on your server, you may not need to enable quotas.


Select whether you wish to enable quotas on your server:

  • To set up quotas, select Use filesystem quotas.

  • To disable quotas, select Do not use filesystem quotas.


    If you do not enable quotas, you cannot track disk space usage. 

Save and finish

Click Finish. WHM will save your settings, and WHM's Home interface (Home) will appear.

  • Click Go Back to return to Step 5: Services.


You may now configure additional server settings in WHM. For more information about WHM's interfaces and functionality, read the documentation in our WebHost Manager® (WHM®) User Guide.

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