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For cPanel & WHM 62



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Upgrade blockers

Team: SpiderPig

MySQL® version 5.1 and earlier

You cannot upgrade to cPanel & WHM version 62 if your server runs MySQL version 5.1 or earlier. You must upgrade to MySQL version 5.5 or higher before you can upgrade your cPanel & WHM server. You can upgrade your MySQL version in WHM's  62 Release Notes  interface ( Home >> Software >> MariaDB/MySQL Upgrade ).

New features

Team: Cobra

Team: Honey Badgers

Long-Term Support (LTS)

LTS will now go into effect from the date of a version's inception until March 31st of the following year. For example, cPanel & WHM version 62 released on December 15, 2016. We will provide LTS for version 62 until March 31st of 2018. 

EasyApache 4 Migration

Every time the EasyApache 4 Migration runs, the system logs the configuration to a new unique file, such as the /usr/local/cpanel/logs/packman/migrate_ea3_to_ea4.Wed_Oct_19_12:24:57_2016.log log file name.

Enable FileProtect with Apache

This setting allows you to specify whether  FileProtect  is enabled on the system. FileProtect improves the security of each user's public_html directory. If you disable this setting, each user's directory will be at risk. 

This setting defaults to On.

Team: Loose Cannon

cPanel Customer Portal Remote Authorization

In cPanel & WHM version 62, we added new functionality that improves the process for you to grant cPanel Support access to your server from the cPanel Customer Portal. In the Submit a Support Request section, when you click Prepare server for ticket, the support portal opens a browser tab to your server's WHM interface. After you log in, WHM will prompt you to authorize cPanel Support's access to your server. After you authorize Support's access to your server, the Customer Portal will test the SSH connection details that you provided. This new functionality helps ensure that cPanel Support access is properly configured and can access your server without delay.

Team: Phoenix

License purchases from the Trial License banner

The Trial License banner now allows you to navigate to the cPanel Store in order purchase a cPanel & WHM license.


The Trial License  banner only displays for new installations that use cPanel & WHM's complimentary 15-day trial license.

For more information about how to purchase cPanel & WHM licenses, read our 62 Release Notes documentation.

Team: Spider-Pig

Simple Zone Editor and Advanced Zone Editor combined into Zone Editor

We redesigned the Simple and Advanced Zone Editor interfaces into the new Zone Editor interface (Home >> Domains >> Zone Editor). This interface provides all of the same functionality of both the Simple Zone Editor and the Advanced Zone Editor, but in a simpler and easier to navigate interface. For this release, both the Simple and Advanced zone editors will remain available in addition to the new Zone Editor interface.

Team: SWAT Team

Enable SPF and DKIM globally

The new /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/enable_spf_dkim_globally script allows you to enable SPF and DKIM globally or for specified users. It also creates the appropriate SPF and DKIM records for those accounts' domains. For more information, read our 62 Release Notes documentation.

ModSecurity SDBM Utility

We added the 62 Release Notes to cPanel & WHM version 62 systems that run EasyApache 4. This utility purges expired entries from the /var/cpanel/secdatadir/ip.pag cache file. The system runs this utility as a part of the nightly maintenance script, and we strongly recommend that you allow the maintenance script to run the utility.

Team: Zero Cool

EasyApache 4

We added support for SourceGuardian on systems that run PHP version 7.0.

We added support for IonCube 6. 

We implemented an Experimental Repository to allow users access to new features that are still in development. 

The  mod_fcgid  PHP Handler is now available in the Experimental Repository. 


FCGId is not compatible with MultiPHP. 

Updated features

Team: Cobra

Team: Honey Badgers

Team: Loose Cannon

Create Support Ticket

In cPanel & WHM version 62, we improved WHM's  62 Release Notes  (Home >> Support >> Create Support Ticket) interface and added additional automation to the feature. We redesigned several sections of the interface that could cause confusion. When you create a support ticket through the interface, the server will automatically whitelist cPanel Support's IP addresses to your server's /etc/hosts.allow file. You can view and configure this file in WHM's  62 Release Notes  interface (Home >> Security Center >> Host Access Control).

Grant cPanel Support Access

In cPanel & WHM version 62, we added additional services to WHM's  62 Release Notes  (Home >> Support >> Grant cPanel Support Access) interface's whitelist automation. When you grant access through the interface, the server will automatically whitelist cPanel Support's IP addresses to your server's /etc/hosts.allow file. You can view and configure this file in WHM's  62 Release Notes  interface (Home >> Security Center >> Host Access Control).

Team: Phoenix

Site Publisher JSON-safe value support

Site Template designers can now use user-entered strings as JSON-safe values.

  • This functionality allows Site Template designers to use entered values in rendered JavaScript.
  • For more information, read our 62 Release Notes documentation.

Site Publisher template display order

cPanel's  62 Release Notes  interface (Home >> Domains >> Site Publisher) now displays newer templates first.

  • When a cPanel & WHM version includes new cPanel-provided templates, they will display at the top of the template list.
  • Site Publisher template meta.json files can now include a date parameter to indicate the template's creation date. For more information, read our 62 Release Notes documentation.

Team: Release Team

Write-only servers will not display in DNS interfaces

As of cPanel & WHM version 62, DNS zones that exist on other Write-only servers in a DNS cluster do not appear in the following interfaces:

  • WHM’s  62 Release Notes  interface (Home >> DNS Functions >> Edit DNS Zone).
  • WHM’s  62 Release Notes  interface (Home >> DNS Functions >> Delete a DNS Zone).
  • WHM's  62 Release Notes interface (Home >> DNS Functions >> Reset a DNS Zone).

You can edit or delete a DNS zone on a Write-only server directly from the Write-only server, or from the server on which the DNS zone resides.

Company Name character limit

In WHM's Customization interface (Home >> cPanel >> Customization), we reduced the character limit of the Company Name text box from 140 to 50.

Team: Spider-Pig

Leechprotect updated to use SQLite

We updated the leechprotect  service to use SQLite. This change eliminates the need for a MySQL database and database user to run the  leechprotect  service.

ModSecurity now uses SQLite

 We updated WHM's  62 Release Notes  ( Home >> Security Center >> ModSecurity™ Tools ) interface to use SQLite .

Team: SWAT Team

SPF enabled by default

cPanel & WHM now enables SPF by default for new accounts. 

Team: Zero Cool

EasyApache 4

We made several usability updates to the  EasyApache 4  interface (Home >> Software >> EasyApache 4):

  • When you select a package with multiple possible dependencies, the user interface prompts you to choose which one you want to install. 
  • When you uninstall a PHP package, the system checks to ensure that no virtual hosts currently use the selected version. The interface will prompt you to update the virtual host's PHP version before you continue. 
  • When you change the installation state of a package, the interface queues the required packages for install or uninstall.

To better support Litespeed, the ea-php-cli package now installs the /usr/bin/lsphp binary by default. 

MultiPHP Manager

We updated the  MultiPHP Manager  interface (Home >> Software >> MultiPHP Manager) to include a number of improvements. This includes the following improvements:

  • The interface now also displays what version of PHP a virtual host inherits, rather than just the word inherit. 
  • When you change a virtual hosts's PHP version, the user interface notifies you of any other virtual hosts that may inherit these changes.
  • We updated the PHP-FPM checks to queue the necessary missing packages when you click the Install button. This allows you to more easily install these packages. 

cPanel's MultiPHP INI Editor

When you save changes in cPanel's  MultiPHP INI Editor  interface (Home >> Software >> MultiPHP INI Editor), the changes save to both the php.ini and user.ini files. 

Apache Configuration Editor

We added the Symlink Protection option to the  62 Release Notes  section of the  62 Release Notes  interface (Home >> Service Configuration >> Apache Configuration >> Global Configuration). This option enables the BlueHost Symlink Protection patch. EasyApache 4 installs the Bluehost patch by default, but does not enable it. 

Team: Busy Camels

Upgraded internal Perl from version 5.22 to 5.24

We upgraded the version of Perl that cPanel & WHM uses internally from 5.22 to 5.24.

For more information about cPanel & WHM's internal version of Perl, read our 62 Release Notes documentation.

Deprecated and removed items

Team: Cobra

Team: Code Monkeys

The update-roundcube and update-roundcube-sqlite scripts

We deprecated the following scripts:

  • /usr/local/cpanel/bin/update-roundcube
  • /usr/local/cpanel/bin/update-roundcube-sqlite 

We updated their names to:

  • /usr/local/cpanel/bin/update-roundcube-db
  • /usr/local/cpanel/bin/update-roundcube-sqlite-db

These scripts no longer update or install Roundcube. Use your server's RPM system to manage Roundcube's installation. For more information about custom RPM installations, read our How to Build and Install Custom RPMs documentation. To rebuild the Roundcube database, run the following command:

/usr/local/cpanel/bin/update-roundcube-db --force

Team: Honey Badgers

Default Website Page

In cPanel & WHM version 62 and later, you can no longer customize the following three images:

  • img-sys/bg.jpg
  • img-sys/headerbg.jpg
  • img-sys/contentbox.jpg

We hard-coded these three images in base64 coding standard in CSS to prevent technical difficulties.

Team: Loose Cannon

Team: Phoenix

Team: Spider-Pig

Team: SWAT Team

Team: Zero Cool

EasyApache 4

EasyApache 4 no longer requires the yum-plugin-tsflags package, so we removed it.

Appendix A: New and modified API functions

New UAPI functions

New WHM API 1 functions

Modified UAPI functions

Team: Honey Badger

  • php_get_vhost_versions

Modified cPanel API 2 functions

Modified WHM API 1 functions

Team: Release Team

  • accountsummary — Added uid return.

Team: Honey Badger

  • php_get_vhost_versions
  • get_lts_expire

Team: Loose Cannon

  • ticket_revoke  — We updated this function to include the whitelist functionality for WHM's  62 Release Notes  (Home >> Support >> Grant cPanel Support Access) interface.
  • ticket_grant  — We updated this function to include the whitelist functionality for WHM's  62 Release Notes  (Home >> Support >> Grant cPanel Support Access) interface.

Deprecated UAPI Functions

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