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For cPanel & WHM version 58


Hosting providers often prefer to standardize their software and application environment, which includes the deployed version of cPanel & WHM. Usually, a specific release tier (such as STABLE, RELEASE, or CURRENT) ensures a consistent environment across many servers.

In some circumstances, providers prefer not to rely on cPanel, Inc.'s tiered release system to select the installed version of cPanel & WHM. Additionally, providers who require a specific version of cPanel & WHM need an assured method to deploy new installations of cPanel & WHM, even when that version is no longer the current production release.  

The purpose of Long-Term Support

cPanel, Inc. actively develops cPanel & WHM, and we release new builds frequently. Traditionally, more conservative system administrators choose to completely disable software updates in order to maintain control over their deployments of cPanel & WHM. The Long-Term Support (LTS) tier provides an alternative to disabling updates, and will help ensure that cPanel & WHM servers receive important updates and fixes.

To view the cPanel & WHM version on each release tier, visit our site.

cPanel & WHM version 11.34 includes changes to Long-Term Support

The 11.34 release of cPanel & WHM introduces changes to the Long-Term Support tier.

  • As of cPanel & WHM version 11.34, the lifespan of a release is 12 months from the initial publication of the production version. cPanel, Inc. may extend a version's LTS period at their discretion.


    Development releases of cPanel & WHM do not qualify for LTS. We do not consider their publication dates when we calculate an LTS version's lifespan.

  • Previous release lifespans did not change; cPanel & WHM versions 11.30 and 11.32 retained their 18-month lifespan.
  • The LTS versions are available as upgrades from previous cPanel & WHM versions, as well as new cPanel & WHM installations.
  • Over the lifespan of an LTS release, cPanel, Inc. will provide security and other critical updates.


    LTS releases will not receive new features unless cPanel, Inc. decides that they are critical to a release's viability, or to ensure compatibility with later versions of cPanel & WHM.

Third-party applications

cPanel & WHM provides various third-party applications (for example, MySQL® and Roundcube).

cPanel, Inc. will continue to provide critical and security-related updates to these third-party applications when a customer installs them with an LTS version of cPanel & WHM. However, cPanel, Inc. may provide these fixes as back-ported patches instead of as upgrades to the latest version of the application. 


cPanel, Inc. develops and updates EasyApache with a separate release schedule from cPanel & WHM's release schedule.

cPanel, Inc. provides EasyApache updates for an LTS release until the LTS release reaches End of Life (EOL). If the currently-installed version of cPanel & WHM does not meet the requirements of a new EasyApache function or feature, EasyApache will update but the functionality is not guaranteed or supported. 

Site Software (cPAddons)

cPAddons in cPanel's Site Software interface (Home >> Software >> Site Software) continue to receive updated applications throughout the lifespan of an LTS release.

WHM Plugins

Plugins in WHM's Manage Plugins interface (Home >> cPanel >> Manage Plugins) continue to receive updated applications throughout the lifespan of an LTS release.

Schedule for Long-Term Support releases of cPanel & WHM

cPanel & WHM VersionApproximate Release DateAnticipated End of Life*
11.34*October 2012October 2013
11.36*January 2013January 2014
11.38*April 2013April 2014
11.40*October 2013

October 2014

11.42*January 2014January 2015
11.44*June 2014

July 2015

11.46*October 2014October 2015
11.48*January 2015January 2016
11.50*June 2015June 2016
11.52September 2015September 2016
54January 2016January 2017
56April 2016October 2017
58July 2016July 2017

* cPanel & WHM releases that have reached End of Life:

  • Are unavailable for installation.
  • Will no longer receive fixes or patches from cPanel, Inc.
  • Documentation will be archived.