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For cPanel & WHM version 58


This document describes functionality from cPanel's deprecated x3 theme. We strongly recommend that you use cPanel's current theme (Paper Lantern) instead.

  • We removed the deprecated x3 theme from new installations in cPanel & WHM version 60.
    • Make certain that you read the appropriate documentation for your version of cPanel & WHM.
    • For more information, read our What's My Version Number documentation.
  • cPanel's Paper Lantern theme does not include certain x3 theme-specific features.
    • For a complete list of Paper Lantern features, read our cPanel Features List documentation.
    • If you need a feature that the Paper Lantern theme does not include, submit a feature request.


This document lists important information about Web Disk user accounts that have enabled the Digest Authentication feature.


You must enable Digest Authentication if you use Windows® Vista, Windows® 7, or Windows® 8 and you access Web Disk over a clear text, unencrypted connection. You do not need to enable Digest Authentication if you meet the following conditions:
  • The domain has an SSL certificate that a recognized certificate authority signed.
  • You can connect to Web Disk with SSL over port 2078.

Web Disk and Digest Authentication

  • When you change the username of an account with Digest Authentication enabled, you must re-enable Digest Authentication for the main Web Disk account. 
    • The /etc/digestshadow file stores the main Web Disk account usernames with Digest Authentication inside the password hash. When you change the account username, the system removes the password from the file. Therefore, it is necessary to enable Digest Authentication once again so that you can access the Web Disk with the new username over an encrypted connection.
  • The login name for additional (virtual) Web Disk users changes when you change a domain name. You must notify the additional users of this change so that they can access their Web Disk accounts.
    • You must re-enable Digest Authentication on these accounts. When you change the username, the system removes the account's password from the/etc/digestshadow file. Therefore, it is necessary to enable Digest Authentication once again so that you can access the Web Disk with the new username over an encrypted connection.

Files that contain Web Disk user information

System administrators can manually restore a Web Disk user from a backup.

The following files contain user information that is related to Web Disk:

  • /HOMEDIR/system-user/etc/webdav/passwd — This file stores the password hashes for the additional (virtual) Web Disk users.
  • /HOMEDIR/system-user/etc/webdav/shadow — This file stores:
    • the passwords for additional (virtual) Web Disk users without Digest Authentication enabled.
    • the passwords and digest hashes for the Web Disk virtual users with Digest Authentication enabled.
  • /etc/digestshadow — This file stores the digest hashes for the main Web Disk accounts with Digest Authentication enabled.