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We will continue to maintain our API documentation on this server.

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For cPanel & WHM version 56

(Home >> Clusters)

This area of WHM allows you to configure a number of servers to share DNS records or configuration settings, and to create a trust key relationship between those collections of servers.

  • Configuration Cluster — Configuration clusters allow you to link a master server to one or more additional servers. You can then copy server configuration settings to the configuration cluster's servers from specific WHM features.
  • DNS Cluster — A DNS cluster is a number of nameservers that share DNS records. Clusters allow you to physically separate your nameservers so that in the event of, for instance, a power outage, you still have DNS functionality. This way, visitors can reach websites on your server more quickly after the web server comes back online.
  • Remote Access Key — You can use this feature to generate an access key. You can use this access key for automatic account creation scripts, external billing software, and to set up DNS and configuration clusters.