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For cPanel & WHM version 56

(Home >> Networking Setup >> Change Hostname)


The Internet uses your hostname as a label by which to identify your physical server. This interface allows you to change your server's hostname.


  • Do not select a hostname that begins with www or a number, or that ends with a hyphen (-).
  • You must use a fully-qualified domain name (FQDN) that contains two periods (for example,
  • Do not choose a hostname that a cPanel account on your server will use.


  • Do not select a socially-unacceptable hostname. The hostname will appear in mail headers.
  • Only use lowercase, Latin-script letters in hostnames.

The system displays your current hostname under the Current Hostname heading.

How to change your hostname


Whenever you change the server's hostname, you must use one of the following methods: 

These methods ensure that all of the necessary system and service changes occur.


If you update your hostname, the system blocks user access to the following interfaces and services:

  • Horde Webmail
  • Calendars and Contacts (CalDAV/CardDAV)

The system restores access to these interfaces and services after the hostname update completes. For more information, read our Interface Lock Scripts documentation.

  1. To change your hostname, perform the following steps:
  2. Enter the new hostname into the New Hostname text box.


    Your new hostname must meet the following requirements:
    • It is a FQDN.
    • It is registered with a registrar.
    • It follows the instructions in the Instructions section.
  3. Click Change. A popup window will appear that prompts you to add an A entry.
  4. Click Add An A Entry for your hostname.
  5. Review the information about your server and, if it is correct, click Add Entry.

The system will automatically configure the new hostname and add the correct A entry.