We have a new documentation site for cPanel & WHM! You can find our new documentation site at docs.cpanel.net.

We will continue to maintain our API documentation on this server.

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This document is for a previous release of cPanel & WHM. To view our latest documentation, visit our Home page.

For cPanel & WHM 11.48

(Home >> Account Information)

This set of features enables you to view information about your accounts, and provides a number of configuration options.

  • List Accounts — This interface lists all of the accounts on your server. You can also perform certain actions on the listed accounts (for example, you can change the account's password).
  • List Parked Domains — This interface lists all of the parked domains on your server. A parked domain is a domain that points to another domain. To add parked domains, use the Park a Domain interface (Home >> DNS Functions >> Park a Domain).
  • List Subdomains — This interface lists all of the subdomains on your server. Subdomains function as URLs for specific sections of a website (for example, the example.com domain may have the blog.example.com subdomain for its blog section). cPanel users can add subdomains in cPanel's Subdomains interface (Home >> Domains >> Subdomains).
  • List Suspended Accounts — This interface lists any suspended accounts that are on your server, and enables you to unsuspend or terminate these accounts.
  • Search Accounts — Use this interface to search for accounts. The search results will appear in the List Accounts interface.
  • Show Accounts over Quota — This interface lists the accounts on your server that currently use more disk space than you have allocated to the account. You can also use this interface to enter a new disk space quota for these users.
  • View Bandwidth Usage — This interface displays information about your server's traffic from HTTP (browser traffic), FTP (files transferred), SMTP (sent mail), and POP3/IMAP (received mail).